dimanche 29 septembre 2013

花のアサ ACT.3 Release !

FINALLY DONE !!!! Asa's ACT.3 is downloadable now! For Both Mac and PC :3
You can find her voicebank in Asa's page.

Please! Respect rules! There's in many languages so please, read them.

And here is the cover for her release : Youtube - SoundCloud

mercredi 25 septembre 2013

花のアサ added !

Hi again ^^
I finally added a preview of Asa and some informations about her !
The blog's skin is better too!
I'll finish some little thing and see if I can upload the voicebank or not.

First !

Hi! :3 How are you? Me, fine. I'm working on this blog, it's a bit messy but I'll finish this soon, and Upload the first voicebank.
Here, I well post all my demos and tests with UTAU and other programs like MikuMikuDance and Paint Tool SAI !

SO! Asa's VB is almost done, I just need a Japanese Translation of rules I wrote here http://fav.me/d6ndmbh :3

I'm working on a PV for a cover of Daughter of Evil. But with all problems I have with computers this days, It's hard to finish!

And that's all for the moment...